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Bihu Festival Essay-1 Bihu is the most popular festival in Assam and is celebrated to honour the significance of agriculture in rural Assamese life. The festival is celebrated over several days and is a period of great fun and enjoyment.

People put on new clothes. This is followed by manuh human bihu on 15 April, the New Year Day. The next day of Bohag Bihu is known as Manuah human Bihu. Typically the collective cattle of a village are brought to a water source like a pond or a river.

Bohag Bihu

Kongali Bihu mid-October, also called Kati-Bihu has a different flavor as there is less merriment and the atmosphere has a sense of constrain and solemnity.

People clean their abodes. Nurturing nature essays manchurian candidate scene analysis essays. During this time of the year, the paddy in the fields are in the growing stage and the granaries of the farmers are almost empty. There is a band of male singers known as Husori, who visit each and every household and sing traditional Bihu songs in the courtyard.

On the eve of the day called uruka, i.

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It is therefore, the duty of every Assamese to preserve these national festivals in their original form and grandeur. There are other conventional festivals observed by various ethnic-cultural groups.

Cscc intro to library research paper. It marks three distinct phases in the cultivation of paddy-the native crop of Assam. It is the festival when the agrarian Assamese society gets ready for the next agricultural cycle. The first day of the bihu is called goru bihu or cow bihu, where the cows are washed and worshipped, which falls on the last day of the previous year, usually on 14 April.

Next day, people take holy bath just before dawn and burn the Meji Ghar and worship the God of fire. Bohag Bihu or Rongali Bihu is the time when the boys get ready with their dhol and pepa to woo their loves in Bihu dance.

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It is the festival of dance and songs, visiting relatives, and neighbors seeking their blessing for the whole new year. Essay on the Bihu Festival Article shared by Assam, known as the land of blue hills and red river, is also a land of many feasts and festivals, which are marked by music, dance, mirth, gaiety, community sharing, and spiritual colouring.

Bohag Bihu: A Photo Essay

THE BIHU INTRODUCTION: Festivals are necessary for us to remove dullness of life - The Bihu Essay introduction. Life with out merriments or festivities becomes monotonous and festivals remove such monotony and give mental refreshment. The Bihu is a great national festival of the Assamese people.

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Short Essay on Bihu Festival Dr. Meenakshi Advertisements: Bihu is the most prominent festival celebrated by the people of Assam. It is a set of three celebrations performed throughout the year. The three Bihus are celebrated at different times of year, in the months of Bohaag (Baisakhi), Kaati (Kartik) and Maagh, according to Hindu calendar.

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Bohag bihu essay writing.

Bohag Bihu or Rongali Bihu Bohag bihu essay writer
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